IATTC - Catch Reports, Data, Tagging and other Reports



Reports and data provided by the IATTC may contain codes for Flag, Gear, Species, and Set Type. Unless noted otherwise, all weights are in metric tons (t).

Current catch reports present preliminary data.  They include:

Current monthly report of cumulative catch by species and by fishing gear other than longline, principally by purse seine and pole-and-line. Past reports (for reference)
Monthly catch of bigeye tuna by longline vessels - 2021-2020 (Resolution C-17-02 replaced by Resolution C-20-06), Past catches 2007-2019  (for reference)
Semi-annual catch of northern albacore tuna by flag (Resolution C-05-02 supplemented by Resolution C-13-03, as amended by Resolution C-18-03), Past catches 2005-2018  (for reference)

Fisheries Status Report (FSR): The FSR presents information on the fisheries for tunas and billfishes in the EPO, and on the assessments and the status of stocks of these fish. The report summarizes what is known about the direct impact of the fisheries upon various species and species groups of the ecosystem, and reviews what is known about the environment and about other species that are not directly impacted by the fisheries.

Public domain data: The IATTC provides general access to non-confidential (Public domain) data compiled from detailed information on fleets and fishing operations. These include data on fishing effort and catches, and from biological sampling.

Other Reports and notifications by Members and Cooperating Non-Members

Seabirds (Resolution C-11-02)
Sharks and rays
(Resolutions  C-05-03;
C-21-06; C-16-04; C-15-04; C-11-10)
Sea turtles
C-19-04 Amends and replaces C-07-03 and par. 4 of C-04-05 (Rev.2), except paragraph 4.d.ii)
Data buoys
(Resolution C-11-03)
Longline vessels (LSTLFVs) (Resolution C-11-05)
Scientific observers on board longliners (Resolution C-19-08)
Transshipment observer program (Resolution C-12-07)
Transshipment in port (Resolution C-12-07), par. 2 and annex 1
Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) (Resolution C-14-02)
Updated national compliance scheme and actions (Resolution C-21-04)
Port State Measures (Resolution C-21-07)

Eastern Pacific Tuna Tagging Program

Tagging is a very important part of the scientific research activities that the IATTC must carry out under the Antigua Convention. For this purpose, cruises for the capture and subsequent tagging of tunas are periodically undertaken, the most recent one within the framework of a tagging project, approved by the Commission and financed by the European Union.

Tagging is the recovery and processing of tags. Everyone is strongly encouraged to send to the Commission all recovered tags, using tag recovery flyers which can be downloaded here.








Last modified: 01 Aug 2022