IATTC - Achotines Laboratory


A Unique Tropical Research Facility

The Achotines Laboratory was established as part of the IATTC’s Tuna-Billfish Program. It is one of the few research facilities in the world designed specifically for studies of the early life history of tropical tunas.  As tunas are pelagic (open-ocean) fish they are difficult to study in their natural habitat.

Little is known from studies of live tunas of their reproductive activities or early life history (egg, larval, and early-juvenile stages), and for that reason the IATTC established a research laboratory to focus on these aspects of tuna biology.  The Achotines Laboratory provides a unique setting for studying the reproductive behavior and early life stages of tropical tunas.  While tunas are the main focus at the Laboratory, there are ample facilities to support research in other areas of marine and terrestrial science.








Last modified: 03 Mar 2017